⦁ Initial Project Review

Full design team and all project stakeholders meet to discuss design expectations, preferences, wishes, wants and requirements. Topics to include:

Room Acoustics
Sound Transmission
Technology Infrastructure
Video Display & Related Requirements
Sound Reinforcement & Playback System Requirements

⦁ Preliminary Narrative and Initial Budget Estimate

This document presents a summary of capabilities, features, and recommendations relevant to the design expectations, preferences, wishes, wants and requirements defined during the initial project review meeting as well as the preparation and presentation of an initial estimate of associated costs.

⦁ Construction Documents

Provide a complete set of Audio Video System construction documents and specifications that have been well coordinated with the design team and stakeholders. AV construction documents shall identify all system devices in plan, section, elevation with single line information provided for audio, video, control, network and electrical requirements. Specification sections shall include:

Specification Section 11 52 00 Audio Video Systems
Specification Section 26 76 10 Audio Video Systems Rough-In Requirements
Specification Section 27 76 10 Audio Video Systems Low-Voltage Cabling

⦁ Solicitation and Award Process

Whether included within the responsibilities of the general contractor or as a prime contract, the audio video & related presentation technology systems must be assigned to a demonstrably qualified system integrator meeting the quality assurance requirements defined within specification section 11 52 00.

⦁ Construction Administration

Standard construction administration process that includes clearly identified contractor submittal milestones including specific presentations to the stakeholders with regard to user control and interface systems.

⦁ System Activation & Commissioning

All systems to be fully tested, activated and demonstrated to the satisfaction of the design team and the project stakeholders.

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