Volvo Truck’s

Volvo Truck’s
Customer Experience Center
Audio and Video Systems

Project Description

World Class Customer Experience and New Product Presentation Center. Showroom AV Systems include 36 Panel LCD 4K UHD Video Wall, Dolby 5.1 Surround and Production Quality Sound System, Digital Mixing Console, Analog/Fiber Optic Tie-Line System, Cloud Collaboration, QSYS DSP Systems, Wireless Video Presentation Multi-channel Wireless Microphone Systems.

Building Wide 128 x 128 AV Matrix, Divisible Meeting Rooms with 4K UHD Front Projection Systems, Cloud Collaboration, 3 Chip PTZ Camera Systems, Wireless Mic Systems, HD-BaseT Signal Distribution, Large Screen, Retractable Video Projection Systems. Exterior Observation Area AV Systems.

KMK Services

AV Systems Program/Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Administration AV Systems Project Management, DSP Programming

Project Information

Location: Dublin, Virginia
Architect: KZF Architects
Project Manager: Volvo Marketing Seth Gruber VP 336-662-2030

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